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Since September 2018 The n:flame Trust has officially been part of The Message Trust.  This has been something that we have explored for over a year prior to it becoming official.  When Andie Frost announced that he was leaving to move to Lebanon, we were looking for another director.  However The Message Trust was branching out in London and they have a very similar heart to n:flame, and it felt right that we should merge the work that we were both doing.  It was always straight forward throughout this process, but it has been something that we have trusted God in, and we have come out on the other side positive.  God is still using the work that we do to further his Kingdom in London. 


These are the ways in which our work is continuing the same way:


LET – this has now been replaced by something called Advance.  It is almost identical, it gets young people trained in sharing their faith and putting it into practical outreach.  So the aim and the heart is exactly the same.  Its just that Advance is part of a national movement that The Message runs.  


Schools work – this still goes on.  We have a resource that has been produced since September that aims at GCSE age.  The schools work we did as n:flame was different to how The Message had previously done things.  So the GCSE material we have will be shared nationally for other teams to use in schools.


n:serve – this is still happening, but under a different name of Advance the Scattering.  Nothing has really changed.  It was unique to n:flame and something new to The Message.  It is a format that is being rolled out nationally to other Message teams to start doing where they are. 


The Gap Year – our n:flame gap year has now stopped.  There is a great gap year called Academy that takes place at Message HQ in Manchester.  We have put some young from London on this course over the past few years and they have all loved it.  They have really grown in their faith and giftings.  

There are always regular updates on our Message site about the work that takes place in London.  It has been an interesting time currently, but God is still working through this pandemic, and people still need the gospel more than ever!

Contact: london@message.org.uk