n:flame formed initially as a joint initiative of a number of North London Churches and North London Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders) in about 1998.  Since then, whilst maintaining its roots, n:flame has developed into a widespread team of over 100 volunteers and a handful of employees.  n:flame, meaning simply "a flame for North London", is best described as a network of people from various different churches and denominations across North London with a shared passion to see the dust blown off the gospel message and Jesus proclaimed vibrantly to a young generation.

n:flame exists to work with churches and serve secondary schools.  We aim to release and train volunteers from churches to serve their local schools through pastoral support, supporting the RE curriculum and providing quality PSHE lessons that help support the national curriculum.  n:flame exists on the gifts of donor churches and individuals.  With the exception of the cost of training courses that we run, n:flame offers its services to churches and schools for free.

Over the last two decades churches have been losing teenagers at an alarming rate. Faced with massive cultural shifts the Church has struggled to keep teenagers from Christian families, let alone reach those with no understanding of the Gospel. n:flame exists not as a para-church structure but as an umbrella under which all manner of Christian churches and organisations can work together to practically reach and equip teenagers with a message that is as relevant today as it has ever been.


The n:flame team consists of a range of people involved in Christian youth work in North London. Those involved are full time employed workers or volunteers. 

There is a main core team who help to co-ordinate the larger team into working regional teams. These teams focus on working together in the regions of North London especially for the purpose of schools ministry. The n:flame Core Team is not a closed group but changes as people come on board or current team members move on to warmer climates.

This means that the feel of the group changes too. We think that's a good thing, as the only absolutes we are really interested in are God and his word. Cultures change and styles differ, but we still believe that the gospel of Jesus is relevant to them all, and his power to change lives is just as real today as ever.


"To make clear the message of Jesus Christ in this generation of teenagers.  To serve young people wherever possible and to train & release this generation of young Christians to live for Jesus, serving others and using their gifts to God’s glory".

the n:flame trust has two main spheres of operation.

Firstly we are committed to serving secondary schools and colleges throughout North London.  We believe that Jesus called his followers to serve those around them freely and to be the "salt of the earth".  Hence we provide quality interactive teaching into some of the most relevant issues in youth culture, from violent extremism to binge drinking, from bullying to self harm.  Some of our lessons have a uniquely Christian perspective and others a more general morality.  If you wish to view the resources and services we specifically offer to secondary schools please click here.

Secondly we have a mandate to work within the Christian Church (of all denominations) to help them to be effective at sharing a real and honest faith in Jesus with teenagers, and to serve this section of their local community.  We encourage different churches to work together in unity around the gospel and are passionate about training and releasing young Christians to become effective in their witness for Jesus - being unafraid to make a stand for their faith, but gracious and loving about how they do so.