Gap Year






Why not work with n:flame among secondary schools in North London?  Challenging, stimulating and stretching - the n:flame GAP year gives you the opportunity to serve in local schools, to help spread the gospel amongst London teenagers in many other environments, and also to see young lives transformed by Jesus. You will learn to teach quality lessons and assemblies as well as working closely with teenagers in lunchtime clubs and prayer cells.  There will be various ministry opportunities outside of schools and you will go on mission trips in the UK and abroad as well as the regular events in North London. Your placement will be with a North London church to help with youth work, where you will become part of their worshipping community.



Our programme starts at the beginning of September and follows the academic year, finishing in early August of the following year with the n:serve week. Each GAP volunteer receives weekly training in theology and both the spiritual/practical aspects of working with churched and unchurched teenagers. 




If you are finishing A Levels, University, or are just wanting to explore a possible calling to youth ministry, why not get in touch to find out more via

You can download the full flyer here



"Doing a gap year with n:flame is a great opportunity to grow in your personal faith, away from your normal surroundings.  For me it was a whole new experience working and serving closely with churches who live their faith differently from what I knew.  What I love about n:flame is the fact that each week starts with worship, prayer, God's word and fellowship.  Not to forget the friendships which have developed and lasted."  - Dana

"From the first week on, I was treated as a full member of the team and not just as an apprentice.  My knowledge of the bible was increased by at least 400%.  Nearly every time I was doing a lesson I learnt something new about the christian faith.  The year allowed me to become part of something bigger that God is doing in London.  It helped me to become a mature christian and enter into a real relationship with God.  The year was like a therapy session with God."  - Lea

"Doing the Gap Year was the best decision I could have ever made.  Not only do you get to know amazing and inspiring people, but you also develop strength and self confidence.  The most important thing is that you get to know God better than you would have imagined and you grow in faith."  - Julia

"You think you're serving a full year for God, instead He is blessing and serving you in amazing ways."  - Niklas

"The n:flame gap year is an opportunity to grow maturely, spiritually and faithfully.  It pushes and encourages you to try new experiences, even if you are not confident in yourself.  It also helps you to discipline your time with God and improve your relationship with Him." - Daniel

"By the start of the Gap year you think you'll spend a year serving the community and serving God. By the end of the year you realize God's been serving you in more ways than you could ever have imagined." - Rahel

"Just a great opportunity to immerse yourself in God's word and actively engage in his vision for North London. Loved it!" - Simon 


"A fantastic time of learning more about God, getting to know Him better, and living out your faith in serving Him.  It's an amazing privilege to see young people fired up for God and to be able to serve them for a whole year." - Paul


"Awesome but challenging, pushing me out of my comfort zone (particularly essay writing!!)" - Megan


"I found the gap year extremely stretching and terrifying at times but it showed me how awesome the power of God is and how He can use us (even though we are sinful and won't always get it right) for His glory if we let Him." - Rach

"A great opportunity to learn about yourself, make life-long friends, have loads of fun and learn about our wonderful God" - Nick


"The year completely changed me, I finally allowed God to shape me and it was amazing, my relationship with Him deepened and He began to show me who I really was.  I learnt so much by being able to share the gospel with so many people, at times this was scary but it was always worth it!  I loved working with n:flame despite the challenges which I sometimes faced, and made some lifelong friends." - Emma