Part of training people for effective mission is giving them the opportunity to put that training into practice.  We run various missions throughout our year, from overseas training trips for our GAP team through to support trips to assist those who have moved on from n:flame, and are now engaged in work elsewhere in the UK and overseas. 




The flyer for our next trip will be available closer to the time.

The next mission opportunity with us will be n:serve


Mission stretches people, causing them to step out of their comfort zones and fully rely on God.  We try to develop ongoing relationships with the places we visit in order to partner with people long term.  This enables us to give financial and ministry support as people need it rather than just when it fits our schedule.  Every trip we do is to spread the gospel to the communities we serve through word and action. 




n:flame mission trips are usually offered to team members or gap year students first, but then extra places are open for local Christians to apply to join us.  If you are interested in joining a team download an application form to apply.  If you would like to support a team or team member either in prayer and/or financially, info flyers will be available ahead of departure.



We try to run mission events in London, UK, Europe and then outside the EU throughout the year and as the team of people who can lead such missions grows, so does our ability to offer more opportunities.  In recent years our GAP teams have gone on mission to work with partners in Tenerife, Tanzania, Germany, Lebanon, Mozambique, Uganda, Sri Lanka and France.


"The overseas mission is a very intense but also amazing experience.  It's Incredible to see how God is working in you and through you and it's a time where you get to know Him better and better at a really fast pace." - Debora

"Going on mission was for me one of the most challenging and defining things in my life.  I had a great time with great people and got closer to God.  It was an enriching experience." - Daisy

"Overseas mission throws you into the biggest culture shock of your life; entering a country where everything you experience is the opposite of everything you've ever known.  It pushes the boundaries of your own expectations and you can be blown away by what God can do through you and others." - Julia

"What I liked was the mission trip where we were doing assemblies and lectures in a primary and secondary school.  Meeting Christians abroad as well as having to step up and out of my comfort zone has been quite enriching." - Dana