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Since autumn 1999 The n:flame Trust has been running teams working week by week in local secondary schools.  Working in partnership with local churches, the teams serve their local schools in many ways including:


  • Teaching lessons based on the current curriculum in both PSHE and RE.

  • Presenting assemblies and off timetable days on topical issues

  • Running "Christianity Focus Weeks" in schools, examining the key points of the Christian faith and opening them up for discussion

  • Assisting Christian students and staff by running lunchtime clubs, open debates, supporting existing Christian Unions and setting up prayer cells.

  • Offering mentors to students with social and exclusion problems and serving schools pastorally where requested.

  • Linking with local churches.  Every team member works in a local Christian youth group and links young people from schools to n:flame LIFT events and a local discipleship environment.



Our practice is that we work alongside staff teaching RE, Citizenship and PSHE, by delivering a range of quality teaching, extra curricular and pastoral services. Some of our lessons have a definite Christian perspective while others help young people to discuss faith and morality in more general terms.  We are passionate about engaging with real issues in society and helping young people find real solutions whatever their faith background. Like all n:flame services we offer this resource free of charge.


n:flame has a track record of over 15 years teaching in London secondary schools and is very aware of the need for most schools to maintain an unbiased and even handed approach to all issues connected with faith.  Consequently, we would expect you to be cautious when being approached by a Christian organisation such as ourselves.  Our golden rule in schools is that we do not preach.  What we do aim to do is bring an honest first hand view of the Church and Christianity, exploring both the positives and negatives of history.  If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can download the full PDF flyer here



Christianity Focus
"The n:flame input to Christian focus month this year was tremendous. The team have very accurately gauged the spiritual temperature in the school and, as a result, planned a series of lessons that were lively, engaging and informative. Thank you for working alongside us in such a professional, inventive, flexible and consultative  manner. We look forward to continuing this partnership."  - Greig City Academy

Lunchtime clubs
"n:flame has been great for our pupils. It has helped them explore questions of Christianity, morality, and ethics in a relaxed atmosphere [lunchtime club]. Several of the girls are non-Christians who are searching for meaning in life. It is especially important that the leaders are young and able to see the world from a teenager's perspective." - Palmers Green High School


"Evidence of careful preparation involving work that fulfilled the syllabus criteria and fitted with departmental schemes of work.  Teaching methods were varied and pitched at an appropriate level.  They have shown a professional and considerate approach both in preparation of materials and the way they relate to students and staff.  I am very pleased to recommend them and have requested that they continue links with this school" - Bishops Stopford School

"n:flame have been visiting students at Winchmore school for at least the 10 years I have been teaching at the school. n:flame are so personable, open and honest, this makes students feel comfortable hearing their perspectives and engaging in discussions. Difficult questions are tackled and handled sensitively and honestly, this approach reinforces n:flame's credibility and relevance. All students regardless on their faith position are made to feel valued by n:flame members. The talks put Christianity into context in the modern world. Students respond most to the sharing of personal experiences and examples and how the faith of n:flame members has affected their lives. Students are always engaged and inspired following talks. They ask lots of questions and students clearly feel comfortable sharing their own experiences. The topics that I request to be covered are on both the GCSE and A-Level specification and the talks from n:flame provide authenticity and the lived experience which cannot be gained from textbook study alone." - Head of RS, Winchmore School


"Having n:flame come to Winchmore School was a highly moving, enlightening and inspiring experience. The team were ever so friendly, opened my eyes to many things and aided me in expanding my horizons in my knowledge of Christianity. I would recommend their truly amazing services and talks to all young people, for their message and words left me in awe, and even to tears. It is an enriching learning experience." - Sixth Form Student, Winchmore School


"I enjoyed the fact that we could learn about individual on a personal level as well as about their faith and could ask questions to each person. It was refreshing to get a variety of perspectives with different upbringings, personalities and stories yet belonging to the same faith. They don’t mind answering the raw and difficult questions that are typically posed to Christianity such as the problem of evil and suffering. Vicar Roy was honest and open about his role as a vicar and helped me to understand his position within the church. It was fun, interesting and honest information, yet so useful for my upcoming examinations – better than just using a textbook alone. It is good to have real examples to express their own truth." - Sixth Form Student, Winchmore School


"n:flame presented information to my class in a relatable and knowledgeable way. The way that they presented themselves really had an impact on me and made me self-reflect in the brief time that they were in my presence. I left the talk feeling inspired and grateful that such people exist in this world. It would have been better if n:flame had more time with us, as gaining knowledge on their points of view was very interesting."- Sixth Form Student, Winchmore School

"Very co-operative and professional, dealing with problems very effectively" - St Mary's Hendon

"thanks very much for such great drama workshops - the kids have been talking about them in PSHE.  We look forward to receiving the follow-up options and hearing when your new programme is ready" - Edmonton County School